Why FNX?

  • Credibility and trustiness that we defined our job with.
  • We give you the best deals and options in the Turkish market of real estate.
  • In FNX, we go along with the new updates in the market of Turkey and the world in general. We always make new statistics of upcoming situations to consult you with the best choices.
  • We offer all services of real estate marketing including consultation.
  • Installment payment is available. 


Why investing in Turkey?

  • Turkey has an excellent geographic location that binds the east with the west.
  • Turkey is distinguished by the variety of population it has which gives it international lifestyle coexistence.
  • Turkey is counted to be a safe and secure country which gives comfort for all its residents.
  • Turkey is known for its beautiful scenery and joyful weather, which makes it a perfect place to reside.


Why do you invest in real – estate?

  • High profit margin and ROI compared to other fields.
  • Once you invest in real-estate, you could sell or invest it when its value increases.
  • Buying a property is considered as the best investments since it always benefits you back due to the variety of ways that a property could be transferred such as renting or selling or even splitting it.
  • Using your money to buy or own a property is considered the safer and the most lucrative business.