Are there international banks in Turkey that I can have an account in?

There are so many worldwide banks in Turkey that you can activate an account in.

Can I own a property in Turkey despite my nationality?

Yes. In a matter of fact, owning a property in Turkey will help you in getting a residency in Turkey.

Can I take any action with the property after owning it?

Definitely, owning a property in Turkey means you can rent it, sell it or take any other actions with it. Inheritance is legible too.

Can I travel to Turkey with no complications?

Turkey is known for an easier entrance than other countries. Nevertheless, you will be needing to check with the Turkish council in your country.

Does Turkey has all services that my family and I will be needing?

Turkey has it all! Schools, universities, luxuries, public services and beauty are all available in Turkey. It is the perfect country to live or spend the holidays in.

In case I wished for having a residency in Turkey, what are the things I need to do or have?

It is simple and we will help you in getting one. You will be needing things like your passport, real estate’s contract, personal pictures and few other procedures that you will be needing to do.

What are the properties and real estates that I can find in your company?

FNX provides you with all your needs in investments and more. We have variety of properties and many choices that can suit your wants and plans.

What are the steps I need to take if I wanted to invest in Turkey?

You will need to make sure that your passport is valid for at least three months. After that, contact us and book a flight to Turkey and we will handle everything for you.