FNX is a marketing company that specializes in properties and constructions field. The main job of our company is connecting buyers with the most leading construction organizations in Turkey. Our technique in the execution of the company is what distinguishes us the most. We work as a web to bind you to your most convenient choices in selecting your desired need.

Real estate consultancy

Real estate investment

Real estate projects

Real estate markting


  • Get us an investor
    This is the first step towards your money. You only need to contact the company and send us a customer who is willing to own a property in Turkey
  • In- between procedures
    The second step is mainly the actual bargain. Your customer is going to sign a contract for buying a property with one of our mated constructions companies.
  • Get your share!
    It is the final step, after the customer signs the contract and pays, you will be own your cash.




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  • fnxonline, thanks for selling our Townhome in Fremont so quickly in this very difficult market. And thanks for being honest and realistic with us about the price and what to expect. You did a great job keeping it all together because of the difficult buyer and their agent as well. fnxonline Best Real Estate, for sure!

  • Here I am spending my first Eid in my new home. I just bought a tree and have placed it by the window. I’m now beginning to feel like this is all real and this is mine. Thank you fnxonline for helping me realize my dream.

  • لا أستطيع أن أشكركم بما يكفي ل قيادتكم، الاحتراف، و معرفة وافية ، والمثابرة ، وجهة نظر ، والفكاهة ! أنت الأفضل.  .